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About Us

the team

The brainchild of four best friends turned entrepreneurs, The American Joint finds its origins in a light evening conversation, that turned rather serious, one thing leading to another and here we are! It's what comes from four guys following their passions and doing what they love.

Backed by powerhouses of the Diamond trade, Vipul Shah (Asian Star Group) & Nimesh Mehta (Diasqua Group), the team continually seeks advice from veterans of the entrepreneurial game

“The American Joint is a symbol of entrepreneurial and visionary spirit. It is founded on three basic principles: integrity, sustainability & family.”

Vishesh Kadakia
Chief Executive Officer

“Life doesn’t need anything more than a little laughter, a little happiness & some good food. T.A.J. was created with just that in mind.”

Parag Vakil
Executive Chef

“As friends, we always dreamed of opening our own restaurant. Making it actually happen has been the single greatest experience of my life.”

Manan Mehta
Chief Marketing Officer

“I truly believe there is no greater thing you can do with your life than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you.”

Sahil Sheth
Chief Operating Officer

the story so far...

Having launched our first location in Bandra Kurla Complex in April 2016, the first few months have been one hell of a ride. From overcoming the initial hiccups faced by any start up to catching the eye on renowned Bombay Times Columnist, Rashmi Uday Singh, The American Joint was nominated twice in a row for the "Best Vegetarian" category in Times Food Awards 2017 and 2018 And the best part, we are just getting started...

the story ahead...

We opened our 2nd location at Borivali in March 2017 and 3rd location at Thane December 2017. We have expanded our menu, worked on our decor & created something amazing. Head over and be a part of our journey, as we look to take it big! Next stop??? Well, you tell us! We are always on the lookout exciting partnerships and expansion opportunities.
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Meanwhile, we'll do our bit and try coming closer to all of you, doing what we do best, creating REAL FOOD with REAL TASTE!

organic vegetarianism

We know what you're thinking! No such thing exists. Well, it's true, we are the first ones to come up with this concept in India. You ask why? Well, we thought it's about time somebody did!

We believe food should be organically grown, humans should eat what works for their body, animals should live in their natural habitats free of fear, and plants should be the majority on this Earth. The closer we are to Mother Nature, the closer we are to having a happy, healthy and sustainable world.

what is organic farming?

Organic farming is a method of crop production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.

Organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people.

The principal goal of organic production is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.

And that’s exactly what we are all about!

an eco-friendly restaurant

Our restaurant tries to make a positive impact on the environment in whatever little way possible. We’d like to share with you some of the steps we take to produce a product and business that keeps our planet safe and clean.
  • 1st floor, The Capital Building, BKC Road,

  • AHCL Homes, Opp. Borivali Telephone Exchange, Shimpoli Road, Borivali (W),

  • Panch Pakhadi, Thane West